Effectuationism (Jan. 2024 ed.)

Solid Ground for the World *



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Solid Ground for the World

  This edition includes the philosophy system: “Effectuationism” (E-PS), which gets Philosophy out of a “Plato’s Cave” muddle of universally identifiable, definite, static forms to a formulation of a multi-faceted, indefinite- -dynamic, coherent world.

Trust me it was not easy for this transcendence to effect.

This radical and profound breakthrough informed my engagement with many other muddles, including in Physics.

From earlier editions, it includes alternative theories to:

Special Relativity and General Relativity.

This edition contains new material on:

Emergence of Atoms … which changed the Vacuum

The Vacuum

Resolving the Gravity Muddle … a new modelling

Cosmic Acceleration … a formidable theory of probable cause

From earlier editions:

Monetary and Trade Theory

So, it is a very comprehensive formulation of the nature of things.

Do not be put off by its volume - good sense is compactly expressed. Great tomes are inclined to be largely devoid of rigorous originality or else are very convoluted and are good for memory development but bad for higher intellect exertion.

It is concise, profound and radically original and addresses much of, to use a phrase from Plotinus, “the nature of things”.

It resolves many muddles!



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