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Correcting Convolutions in Philosophy and Physics *



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The intellect of the primal senses generates a world of observers and objects in space and time.

It is a world of categorical (absolute, unqualified) concepts- -values, such as a stone, a tree, an animal; a world of independent phenomena, of definite boundaries and unchanging essence.


Subsequent to the defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian Wars and the death of Socrates, Plato, much informed by intellect of the primal senses, regarded matter as composites of the four elements - earth, fire, air and water - settled on a premise or, to use one of his terms, a “hypothesis”.

That premise - “the hypothesis we have, the theory of Forms” - somewhat determined the concepts that emerged and feature in his formulation.

He then found it necessary to introduce- -theorise- -convolute Father Supernatural to emanate life and consciousness into matter.

He imbued his Father Supernatural with categorical character - consistent with his primal intellect premises - expressing concepts- -values such as (the) good, beauty, truth, reality, etc. (Where he started is where he finished).


He founded an Academy. Presumably this helped his system take hold.

The philosophy profession then worked, without success, for 2,400 to make the resulting dualism of indefinite- -dynamic Mother Nature and categorical Father Supernatural cohere in a way that makes satisfactory sense.

They kept writing and digging an ever more convoluted hole, at the expense of the world that became programmed with their stuff.

This worked well for them; their egos and prestige grew proportionately.

That world fought endless wars and had little appreciation or concern for Mother Nature.


“Effectuationism” is informed by high(er) intellect-premises and features indefinite- -dynamic ‘forces’ determining multi-faceted effects.

‘Forces’ …. indefinite- -dynamic forces’ … determine effects - determine indefinite- -dynamic and multi-faceted effects.
(It does not express a categorical world in space and time).

“Effect, through, and indeed as, tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and inferentially multi-faceted”.
(“Effect”, very, non-referring).

The primal intellect system features simply as a stage of evolution in the new formulation.

It is innately friendly to diversity and democracy – to Mother Nature.

It is free of the Father Supernatural convolution, which is a determinant of uniformity and authoritarianism.

It expresses a different soul.


Also, through E-PS, convolutions in Physics are corrected!


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