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Effectuationism Philosophy-Physics (E P-P) (Oct 2020)

Grand Cohering Theories

What is a “System”?
Flat Earth Cosmology was a system. 
A new system emerged: the Helio-centric Cosmology (Sun-centred).
Through the two in tension, the former became apparent as a system, rather than as an absolute.
Then the tension resolved – with one thriving and the other declining.
And perhaps people gradually became more intellectually open, boosting the Renaissance.
Premises or first principles such as the world is flat and is the centre of the cosmos and subsequent ones of a Sun-centred world somewhat determine the concepts which emerge.

And concepts are system specific!
For example:
1. There was no cross-over of concepts between Flat Earth Cosmology and the Helio-centric Cosmology.
The former:
 Elephants holding up the world and causing earthquakes when they became restless,
a sun-boat bringing back the Sun at night to the place from whence it riseth or a new sun being born each day,

Stars set in the firmament
and the danger of walking over the edge of the world.
 2. The latter: Momentum and (undefined) gravity.

Concepts do not translate or transfer across systems!
They are inter-flattering and inter-reinforcing within their system.

Rigour of value of a system is tested through tension with a new system. One thrives, the other declines.

Awareness of the concept “System” causes openness to potential new systems.
It causes openness to dramatic and profound system upgrading.

In this book Classical Philosophy is superseded by Effectuationism.

It briefly describes the emergence and concepts of Classical Philosophy and then focuses on expressing Effectuationism – Philosophy System (E – PS).

The former emerged through intellect of the primal senses premises, which feature categorical (unqualified) concepts- -forms such as a tree, a rock, a mountain and somewhat determined concepts such as absolute cosmology and subsequently absolute Classical Philosophy, in which Plato, informed by absolute forms, formulated Father Supernatural … with categorical forms … to get over the problem of how matter … earth, fire, air and water … became animated and how soul entered the world … life and consciousness, respectively (in the Western tradition).

Philosophers, trapped in this conceptual framework; trapped in these premises and concepts and the system they comprised,  then gave the next 2,400 years, without success, trying to integrate, in effect, Mother Nature and Father Supernatural … which they called the mind-body problem …

The latter (E – PS) emerged through high(er) intellect-premises, which feature concepts as indefinite- -dynamic, emerging through indefinite- -dynamic ‘forces’- -premises and comprising: E – PS.
E- PS features intellect of the primal senses – Categoricalism – as a stage of evolution and transcends it … to high(er) intellect E- PS.

E- PS: “Effect, through, and indeed as, tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and (inferentially) multi-faceted”.
(Effect: verb, non-referring).

If we are not to self-destruct or become a slave planet, higher intellect must exert sufficiently to conceptualise a high-intellect-informed, coherent formulation of the nature of things – a renaissance from Categoricalism to E – PS.

Further to formulating this new system, I brought it to bear on Physics, producing a grid system (EGS) as alternative to Special Relativity and a formula for curvature of light near massive bodies as an alternative to the warped space-time of General Relativity.

I also comment on (other) events of the last thirty years which are factors to the current- -developing Western tragedy.

Effectuationism: A democracy, diversity, nature friendly and true-to-life ideology … in contrast to the incoherence of the last 2,400 years.

Like the best of goods and in accordance with Occam’s razor, it comes in a small package.