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Specialists in philosophy immediately felt the light;
felt a giant leap for Philosophy.

Effectuationism Philosophy-Physics

(E P-P) (Oct 2020)

Grand Cohering Theories

ISBN: 978-0-9954548-8-0



  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Philosophy Overview
  4. Effectuationism Philosophy System (E-PS)
  5. Effectuationism Grid System (EGS)
  6. 29.May.1919 Sun Eclipse and Hyades …
  7. Emergence- -Electro-magnetism- -Gravity
  8. Mathematics
  9. ECCE
  10. Grand Cohering Theories
  11. Monetary and Trade Theory
  12. Scans

<p> Philosophy Overview analyses the emergence of Classical- Conventional- -Orthodox Philosophy.

<p> I find it was very much informed by intellect of the primal senses, through which data or phenomena emerge as independent, discrete and unchanging in a space and time world of observer and object.

<p> So, consequently, Classical Philosophy presents a system featuring categorical- -absolute concepts- -values.

<p> Academic specialists tried over two thousand four hundred years to integrate it as a coherent system or theory of categorical- -absolute “truth” with indefinite- -dynamic, multifaceted data—phenomena which the natural world – Mother Nature – expresses.

<p> Their digging failed to resolve this “mind-body problem”; they remained trapped in a conceptual framework – a system. Indeed they failed to notice that they were tweaking concepts within or specific to a system. And they proceeded to endorse and promote Classical Philosophy – incoherence – to the world.

<p> …

<p> Perhaps it is time for a rigorous, coherent, democracy, diversity and Nature-friendly system to replace it … indeed, perhaps at this stage, to fill a developing vacuum.

<p> My work: Premises somewhat determining the concepts which emerge and the concepts comprise a system. (Where one starts is where one finishes; what goes in is what come out).

<p> I find that rigour of value emerges through one system coming into tension with another, not by tweaking a system for thousands of years. One system thrives, the other declines.

<p> Concepts do not translate or transfer across systems, e.g. those of Flat Earth Cosmology and those of Heliocentric Cosmology.

<p> When these systems came into tension with each other, the latter thrived, the former declined.

<p> …

<p> My new higher intellect informed system – E-PS – premises:    “Effect, through, and indeed as, tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and inferentially multifaceted”. (“Effect”: verb, non-referring).

<p> New concepts emerge and comprise a new system, expressing data- -value as arising through tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and multifaceted.

<p> “Ethics: The individual as an individual in tension with the individual as a member of society”.

<p> …

<p> I then proceeded to bring my new system to bear on, for example, Einstein’s Special Relativity and I produced a grid system – EGS – in contrast to his relativity informed, very convoluted and contorted positioning system.

<p> Likewise I analysed his General Relativity and produced an alternative to “warped space-time”, expressed with the formula: F = G*m1*(m2+(wi))/r^2

<p> Amongst other subjects I address are Monetary and Trade Theory, where I note the Western democratic, capitalist system has for almost three decades been drifting into trying to cohere two different systems: the Chinese Communist Party system and the Conventional Western system.

<p> It seems analogous to trying to cohere the elephants-holding-up-the-world cosmology with the momentum-and-gravity cosmology- -system- -theory.

<p> …

<p> So, I suggest there is much to consider, if drifting and incoherence (and futility and collapse) are to come into tension with a higher intellect informed formulation of the nature of things …

<p> Welcome to E P-P, featuring E-PS, EGS, F = G*m1*(m2+(wi))/r^2 …

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