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Effectuationism Philosophy-Physics (E P-P) (Oct 2020)

Grand Cohering Theories

Effectuationism Philosophy System (E-PS): A new philosophy-physics system, transcending intellect of the primal senses premises.

Such primal intellect premises informed ancient Athenian theories and more recently informs a nasty Atheism.

So, E-PS is not a primal intellect-dominant, observer and object in a space and time world expression of that stage of evolution; rather it transcends it, rediscovering,  restoring and coherently formulating what that stage lost: the inherent quantum dynamics – indefinite-dynamic, multi-faceted – tension of ‘forces’.

E-PS necessarily features different syntax.

“Effect, through, and indeed as, tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and inferentially multifaceted”.  (“Effect”: verb, non-referring).

If we are not to self-destruct or become a slave planet, higher intellect must, without trendy cues, exert to conceptualise this high-intellect-informed, coherent formulation of the nature of things.

Further to formulating this new system, I brought it to bear on Physics, producing a grid system (EGS) as alternative to Special Relativity and a formula for curvature of light near massive bodies as an alternative to the warped space-time of General Relativity.

I also comment on (other) events of the last thirty years which are factors to the current- -developing Western tragedy.

E-PS: A democracy, diversity, Nature-friendly and true-to-life ideology …  in contrast to the primal intellect-informed torturous, incoherent delusions of the last 2,400 years, generating multi-faceted disaster.

Like the best of goods and in accordance with Occam’s razor, it comes in a small package. 

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