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(E P-P) (Oct 2020)

Grand Cohering Theories

E P-P … a new philosophy-physics system.

We evolved to be the dominant species on our planet.
Our philosophy systems have been a basis for all kinds of increasingly advanced barbarism and now ecological catastrophe potentially looms.
If we are not to self-destruct or become a slave planet, we must transcend primal intellect premises and give democracy and diversity a high(er) intellect foundation which unites us and which may set us up to eventually become independent of our planet and sun and to be more presentable beyond.

Unchaining (Western) Academia to Intellectually Appreciate the Intuition of the Post-Truth ‘Vulgar’, many of whom have abandoned Classical ideas and drift in a vacuum or subscribe to even worse ideas- -ideologies, in the Interest of Social Survival:

Plato warned against a Platonic Cave.
He was correct; his own ideas were delusions.
His concepts chained academia in such a cave.
It remained there – unaware – for 2,400 years.
Now I bring awareness and a new system.
Appreciate this unchaining by personally and thoroughly conceptualising Effectuationism, rather than judge it with Platonic Cave preconceptions.


Plato warned of a Platonic cave. (Google the concept).
Professional/Academic philosophers, for 2,400 years, bought into his/such concepts and tried, unsuccessfully, to tweak them into satisfactory sense.
I show that Plato himself, and all those after him, were in such a cave … were so trapped conceptually.

(You can imagine how the academic philosophers received my breakthrough, first published in Jan. 1996 – what it implied about their profession and ‘the great institutions of learning’, to say nothing of the challenge to them to confront the prevailing Platonic culture.

In my opinion, they proved to be as much a liability to the world as their profession had been for the previous 2,400 years – an important part of the English speaking, democracy protecting Western world is much informed by, and failing due to, (old) Theistic and (new) infantile Atheistic competing ideologies.

Being such an outsider to academia and focused on my radically new, profound work, I did not anticipate this … perhaps lack of spine, grace, integrity to their profession and love of wisdom, etc.

Indeed it would seem I tried to do too much – given such specialists).

Plato’s system was informed by the intellect of the primal senses. Such intellect expresses a space and time world; an observer and object world … featuring, or generating, concepts such as Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ontology …
My work expresses higher intellect premises… and concepts … and system.
Value- -Effect emerges through tension of ‘forces’ … is somewhat first person … expression of featuring ‘forces’, which latter are indefinite- -dynamic and multifaceted.
Change the ‘forces’ and effect changes – such as changing the premises with which a philosophy system is formulated.

Second of the First Principles of E-PS:
“Effect, through, and indeed as, tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and inferentially multifaceted.”(“Effect”: verb, non-referring.)

“Ethics: The [indefinite- -dynamic tension of the] individual as an individual in tension with the individual as a member of society”.…

Through E-PS, I proceeded to bring my new system (E-PS) to bear on Physics, hence E P-P, e.g. Einstein’s Special Relativity and General Relativity … producing less counter-intuitive, convoluted concepts.

I also comment on the phenomenon of the last thirty years of (largely) the USA transferring its wealth and know-how, and therein its potential for innovation, to a dictatorship … setting up to have a very different system to democracy and capitalism in tension with its own democratic and capitalist system.


E-PS: A bedrock for a new human landscape.

Cue to the reader to do their own thinking:
Most people require trendy cues for higher intellect to exert.

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