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Grand Cohering Theories


Our philosophy systems have been a basis for all kinds of increasingly advanced barbarism and now ecological catastrophe potentially looms.

If we are not to self-destruct or become a slave planet, we must transcend primal intellect premises and give democracy and diversity a high(er) intellect foundation which unites us and which may set us up to eventually become independent of our planet and sun and to be more presentable beyond.


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Philosophy Overview
  4. Effectuationism Philosophy System (E-PS)
  5. Effectuationism Grid System (EGS)
  6. 29.May.1919 Sun Eclipse and Hyades …
  7. Emergence- -Electro-magnetism- -Gravity
  8. Mathematics
  9. ECCE
  10. Grand Cohering Theories
  11. Monetary and Trade Theory
  12. Scans

Unchaining (Western) Academia to Intellectually Appreciate the Intuition of the Post-Truth ‘Vulgar’ in the Interest of Social Survival

Plato warned against a Platonic Cave.

Yet his concepts chained academia in one.

It remained there – unaware – for 2,400 years.

Now I bring awareness and a new system.

Appreciate this unchaining by personally and thoroughly conceptualising Effectuationism, rather than judge it with Platonic Cave preconceptions and with big egos.

I experienced such in 1996 and since!

25 years wasted, on top of 2,400!

It can be found at Amazon.

Throughout the millennia the most formidable featuring notions – premises and the concepts they informed and which together comprised systems – have established the various bedrocks of the (transient) human landscapes.

These notions- -systems included rituals to appease the spirit of mountains, human sacrifices to deities, mono-theism, atheisms, vacuity …

Most featured the concept: “Truth”.

Classical- Conventional- -Orthodox- -Scholarly Philosophy was very much informed by intellect of the primal senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell), through which data or phenomena emerge as independent, discrete and unchanging in a space and time world of observer and object.

Such featuring categorical- -absolute concepts- -values were a predisposition to Truth, Good, Evil, Beauty, Fact, Reality, …

Academic specialists tried and failed over 2,400 hundred years to integrate the, to use Plato’s words in his Phaedo: “in the poverty of our ignorance” generated concepts – “ideal forms” – into a coherent system.

They tweaked and contorted (indefinite- -dynamic, multifaceted) Mother Nature to meet notions such as “ideal forms”.

Yet their “mind-body problem” persisted.           And they continued to write and tweak, aspiring to a coherent, true-to-life system.

They remained trapped in a conceptual framework- -system, indeed unaware they were trapped- -chained in a Platonic Cave.

They proceeded to endorse and promote their poverty of ignorance, incoherent notions as a bedrock for a human landscape.

Welcome to the concept “System”;                         to unchaining from a torturous Platonic Cave!       Be Effectuationist!

Concepts do not translate or transfer across systems, for example, those of Flat Earth Cosmology (e.g. elephants holding up the world) and those of Heliocentric Cosmology (e.g. momentum and gravity).

Concepts are system specific!

Rigour of value emerges through one system coming into tension with another, not by tweaking a system for thousands of years, nor by shouting, nor by war.

When these systems came into tension with each other, one thrived and the other declined.

Brief introduction to a new, explanatory, superseding system informed by higher-intellect premises:

Premises somewhat determine the concepts which emerge and the premises and concepts comprise a system.

(Where one starts is where one finishes; what goes in is what comes out).

Second of the First Principles of Effectuationism – Philosophy System (E-PS):

“Effect, through, and indeed as, tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and inferentially multifaceted.”

(“Effect”: verb, non-referring.)

“Ethics: The [indefinite- -dynamic tension of the] individual as an individual in tension with the individual as a member of society”.

E-PS: A bedrock for a new human landscape.

Through E-PS, I proceeded to bring my new system to bear on, e.g., Einstein’s Special Relativity and I produced a grid system – Effectuationism Grid System (EGS) – in contrast to his relativity-informed, very convoluted and contorted positioning system.

 Likewise I analysed his General Relativity and produced an alternative to “warped space-time”, expressed with the formula:

F = G*m1*(m2+(wi))/r^2

Amongst other subjects I address are Monetary and Trade Theory, where I note the Western democratic capitalist system has for almost three decades been drifting into trying to cohere two different systems: the Chinese Communist Party system and the conventional Western system.

It seems analogous to trying to cohere the elephants-holding-up-the-world cosmology with the momentum-and-gravity cosmology- -system- -theory.

E P-P – E-PS, EGS, F = G*m1*(m2+(wi))/r^2 , …

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