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(E P-P) (Oct 2020)

Grand Cohering Theories


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Philosophy Overview
  4. Effectuationism Philosophy System (E-PS)
  5. Effectuationism Grid System (EGS)
  6. 29.May.1919 Sun Eclipse and Hyades …
  7. Emergence- -Electro-magnetism- -Gravity
  8. Mathematics
  9. ECCE
  10. Grand Cohering Theories
  11. Monetary and Trade Theory
  12. Scans

Philosophy Overview analyses the emergence of Classical- Conventional- -Orthodox Philosophy.

I find it was very much informed by intellect of the primal senses, through which data or phenomena emerge as independent, discrete and unchanging in a space and time world of observer and object.

So, consequently, Classical Philosophy presents a system featuring categorical- -absolute concepts- -values.

Academic specialists tried over two thousand four hundred years to integrate it as a coherent system or theory of categorical- -absolute “truth” with indefinite- -dynamic, multifaceted data- -phenomena which the natural world – Mother Nature – expresses.

Their digging failed to resolve this “mind-body problem”; they remained trapped in a conceptual framework – a system.

Indeed they failed to notice that they were tweaking concepts within or specific to a system. And they proceeded to endorse and promote Classical Philosophy – incoherence – to the world.

Perhaps it is time for a rigorous, coherent, democracy, diversity and Nature-friendly system to replace it … indeed, perhaps at this stage, to fill a developing vacuum.

E-PS: Premises somewhat determine the concepts which emerge and the concepts comprise a system. (Where one starts is where one finishes; what goes in is what comes out).

I find that rigour of value emerges through one system coming into tension with another, not by tweaking a system for thousands of years. One system thrives, the other declines.

Concepts do not translate or transfer across systems, e.g. those of Flat Earth Cosmology and those of Heliocentric Cosmology.

When these systems came into tension with each other, the latter thrived, the former declined.

My new higher intellect informed system – E-PS – premises:

“Effect, through, and indeed as, tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and inferentially multifaceted”. (“Effect”: verb, non-referring).

New concepts emerge and comprise a new system, expressing data- -value as arising through tension of relationship of ‘forces’, indefinite- -dynamic and multifaceted.

“Ethics: The individual as an individual in tension with the individual as a member of society”.

I then proceeded to bring my new system to bear on, for example, Einstein’s Special Relativity and I produced a grid system – EGS – in contrast to his relativity informed, very convoluted and contorted positioning system.

Likewise I analysed his General Relativity and produced an alternative to “warped space-time”, expressed with the formula: F = G*m1*(m2+(wi))/r^2

Amongst other subjects I address are Monetary and Trade Theory, where I note the Western democratic, capitalist system has for almost three decades been drifting into trying to cohere two different systems: the Chinese Communist Party system and the Conventional Western system.

It seems analogous to trying to cohere the elephants-holding-up-the-world cosmology with the momentum-and-gravity cosmology- -system- -theory.

So, I suggest there is much to consider, if primal intellect-informed Classical Philospophy is to culturally come into tension with high-intellect informed formulation of the nature of things – E-PS.

Welcome to E P-P, featuring E-PS, EGS, F = G*m1*(m2+(wi))/r^2 …