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Philosophy Overview

People continued to write on Philosophy-Physics for 2,400 years, because they were not happy with the sense emerging.

Concepts did not fit together as coherent and true-to-life.

Why did philosophers fail for 2,400 years?

Their premises were informed by intellect of the primal senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell – through which concepts express as of independent phenomena, of definite boundaries and unchanging essence – in effect, as categorical; absolute; without qualification.

They still ring a bell with people’s primal intellect.

Under pressure to be fluent in orthodoxy, writers became programmed with categoricalism and focused on tweaking it, in accomplished style.

They lacked the high intellect development and time opportunity to check back a long way on premises, to see their, to use Plato’s words, “poverty of [] ignorance” shortcomings and to upgrade Philosophy.

Bronze Age Brain continued to bloom in blissful ignorance!

So it is important to check back a long way on premises if one is interested in the rigour of one’s premises, concepts, and system and open to a profound reset – as distinct from in a Masters in Philosophy.

Each scenario; each set of tensions of ‘forces’, how they resolve, become a determinant in the next set.

Tweaking concepts may make them more coherent and inter-flattering but does not effect that they comprise a system nor generate new premises, which then inform new concepts and new system.

Philosophers remained trapped in a conceptual framework- -system, never even becoming aware of “system” nor experiencing systems in tension resolving and testing rigour of premises, concepts, systems.

What is a “system”?

Flat Earth Cosmology was a system.

A new system emerged – the Helio-centric Cosmology – and, through the two in tension, the former became apparent as a system.

Then, in tension with each other, one thrived and the other declined.There was no cross-over of concepts between them – no elephants holding up the world and causing earthquakes when they became restless, no sun-boat bringing back the Sun at night to the place from whence it riseth or new Sun being born each day and no walking over the edge of the world in the new system.

Instead, momentum and undefined gravity featured.

Effect- -rigour of value, through tension of ‘forces’, not through inter-flattery of concepts nor through theory ‘and’ observation, which tends to be circular – inter-flattery.

Plato produced a philosophy system, featuring matter as composites of ‘the four elements’ and without soul or intellect – without life or consciousness.

Today the notion of matter as “the four elements” and as inanimate and unconscious would be controversial, if not ridiculous.

He went outside of Mother Nature and created Father Supernatural through ‘which’ he had “soul” and “intellect” emanate.

Effectuationism – Philosophy System (E-PS) emerged through deconstruction of data and trial and error reformulating of the near-chaos and new data, effecting new premises, concepts, system.

It features life and consciousness inherent in Mother Nature.

There is no cross-over of concepts between the two systems.

E-PS – Coherent Philosophy-Physics: As we have seen, concepts are system particular!

They do not translate or transfer across systems!

A system becomes apparent as a system when a new one emerges; through tension of relationship of systems, difference effects; effect, through, and indeed as, tension of relationship of ‘forces’.

Likewise, rigor of a system emerges through tension – inter-relationship – with another system.

One thrives, the other declines.


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